Rheological characterisation of your products

Your rheological analyses made understandable and reliable!

Rheonova takes on the rheological characterisation of your products in its dedicated lab, be it periodically or occasionally.

All types of fluids are eligible: gels, pastes, emulsions, solutions, suspensions, foams, plastics, elastomers, resins, slurries, powders…

With temperature and pressure ranges from -150 to +500 °C, and from 1 to 200 bars.

Laboratory or on-site measurements.

Characterisation of bulk rheological properties :

  • Flow viscosity (shear/elongation)
  • Flow point, gel force, shear-thinning, thixotropy
  • Viscoelasticity, plasticity, creep, texture, sedimentation
  • UV and thermal curing

Characterisation of interface rheological properties :

  • Surface tension, contact angle, interfacial viscosity, tribology