Improve your processes with rheology

Rheological analyses to size and/or optimise your processes!

Rheonova guides you through the sizing, optimisation and problem-solving related with your processes

Processes: pumping, transport, mixing, stirring, filtration, thermal exchanges, shaping, enduction , extrusion, injection, spraying, printing, serigraphy, baking, dispensing, spreading

The issue is to identify the rough edges linked to rheology: onset of flow, dead zones, shear sensitivity, thixotropy recovery, creep, flow-induced elasticity, capillary instability, turbulence, jamming…

We run through a step-by-step programme with targeted actions:

On-site evaluation
Product/process modelling
Analytical development
Instrumented simulation
Development of modelling tools
Method transfer
Training and support of teams

With these rheological analyses, Rheonova can help you to :

  • Shift to the production scale
  • Reduce defects (heterogeneity, aspect defects, ribs, bubbles, spots and stitches, drips)
  • Size installations
  • Predict transport or mixing issues
  • Identify the sources of variability
  • Understand and optimise your processes
  • Integrate your means of control
Caractérisation et optimisation produits et procédés : Dimensionnement, l’optimisation et la résolution de problème autour de vos procédés